A wide and modern machine park

Sävedalens Mek. Verkstad can offer a wide and modern machine park. The main part of the machine park is automated, but we also have some manual machines for the production of small series and prototypes, or even for the production of a single part if desired. Below you will find a selection of our machines.

Machinery Lathe

Citicen M32 Longitudinal feed lathe
Nine axis with sub-spindle, driven tools
Y-axis and separate baking
32 mm passage in the spindle
LNS bar magazine
Long parts adapter (for the manufacture of long parts)

Doosan Puma 2500 SY
5 axis
Powered tools
76 mm sindel passage
Rod magazine: LNS quick load servo 80 S2

Two axis lathes
46 mm passage in the spindle

Cincinnati Hawk TC-150
Two-axis lathe
65mm passage in the spindle
LNS bar pusher

Emco Turn 365MC
Five-axis lathe with driven tools sub-spindle and y-axis
65mm passage in the spindle
Kama bar magazine

Manual lathes
1 Colchester revolver lathe
1 Colchester Mascot 1600 with 85 mm passage in the spindle

Machine park cutter

Doosan VC 510
Possibility of movement: X 762 Y516 Z570
Spindle speed: 12000 rpm
Swing palette

Magnum vmc-850 multi-operation machine
Mobility: X850 Y550 Z550
Spindle speed: 6000 rpm

Leadwell mcv-op multi-operation machine
Movement possibilities: X500 Y400 Z400
Spindle speed: 6000 rpm

Manual Cutters
1 st Storebro

Measuring machine

Dea Global Classic Coordinate Measuring Machine
Measuring range: X700 Y1000 Z500
Tesa-star swivel head
2.3 my i tolerance

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